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In the 1920s, Exhibit Supply Co. decided to cash in on the success of the Electricity Is Life machines manufactured by Mills. It manufactured the Spear the Dragon machine, its own version of the electric shock machine. It used the theme of slaying a dragon and cheating a devil to invent a machine that gave added interest to an older idea. This machine was less about quackery and the healing powers of electricity and more about testing your nerve and being able to hold on to the handles long enough to ring the bell.


A papier-mâché background behind glass depicting a man aiming a spear at a terrifying, fire-breathing dragon is at the top of the machine. The idea of the game is for the player to put a penny in the slot and grip the two handles. As he does this, the image of a man begins to move across the illustrated background where he can cross a bridge to spear the dragon and ring the bell. If the patron can hold on long enough to accomplish this mission, he has tested his nerve and proved himself. The writing on the machine says, ‘Endurance is rewarded by slaying the dragon.’


This project was a commissioned piece based on an original model. Only two were ever made. One can be found in Papa’s collection.


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